When I decided to start a decluttering/organizing consultant business, it was important to me to come up with a name that explained exactly what I did. I also wanted a name that had special meaning for me.

A few years ago, I lived in Italy for three months and loved learning about all things Italian. One of my favorite things is the way Italians answer the phone, saying “Pronto!” The use of the word dates back to the early days in Italy when the first phones were installed. To connect one call to another, an operator had to manually connect the call between the person initiating the call and the receiver. The caller would “buzz” the operator, who would ask what number needed to be connected. The caller would then hang up, the operator would attempt the number and, if the recipient of the call answered, the operator would then reconnect the original caller and say “Pronto?” (“Are you ready [to be connected”?]) The caller would answer “Pronto,” to indicate that he was ready for the connection. The habit stuck even after operators became obsolete.

If you are ready to declutter, I want to help you. I can help with the downsizing home of your elderly parents or motivating kids to clean their rooms. Or maybe you are overwhelmed with all the things you have and don’t know where to begin to declutter. It doesn’t matter why you want to declutter, you just do. And I will help you.

We’ll have fun during the process and the biggest smile will come when you are done. You may even be moved to tears by the incredible sense of accomplishment. I truly think it is life changing.

Whenever I say the word “pronto” it reminds me of Italy. And, it’s just a fun word to say.

So, call me. Pronto. I am ready when you are.