I Love Baggies

Today’s market is saturated with the latest and greatest organizing tips and tricks. You name it—from storing items vertically to the old favorite of turning hangers backwards to track what items you’ve worn based on the direction of the hangers.

While it may seem obvious, one of my favorite organizing tools is the plastic zipper-seal bag. Baggies come in many different sizes. My favorite baggies include snack (the cutest), sandwich, quart and gallon.

The beauty of baggies is that they are clear—a perfect example of this easy rule: All storage containers should be clear. Period.

There are endless uses of this simple organizational tool. Here are some of my favorites:

Sort similar items in your purse and keep them together in a baggie.
Keep a baggie or two in your vehicle and when you have a few idle minutes, clean out your purse or collect the trash in your car.
Store an electrical cord for laptop in a quart bag.
Pre-pack ingredients for a smoothie in a sandwich bag and freeze.
Pack an entire outfit (including accessories) in a gallon bag.
Place bedding in giant clear bags.
Collect miscellaneous pens and pencils and place in a snack bag.
Protect small appliances from dust in large bags.
Tape gallon bags containing instructions and manuals to the back/side of appliances.
If you have a little pile of things, put it in a baggie.

What are some of your favorite uses of baggies?