NYC Here I Come!

I am on my way—to NYC and to becoming a KonMari consultant.

I’m a big fan of Marie Kondo’s approach to creating a living space—and a life—that “Sparks Joy,” and I’ve been fortunate to meet Marie at two earlier NYC events. I’ve now been accepted as a participant in the first U.S. KonMari consultant training program. I can hardly wait.

As potential KonMari consultants, we were each instructed to complete the KonMari tidying process of our entire home before we begin the training program. I am happy to report I completed the assignment. Yes, it was a big job, but I found the process fascinating,—and Kondo’s new tidying app is a great organizing tool, which helped immensely.

I love Marie Kondo’s approach, and I’m experiencing first-hand the peace and good feelings that result from an uncluttered home. Nothing would make me happier than to help others achieve the same thing.