Lucky 17

Ever since I was a child, 17 has been my favorite number. That’s one reason why I believe 2017 is going to be a very special year.

Another reason—I’m starting out 2017 as a certified KonMari consultant. After completing the comprehensive training and evaluation process in 2016, I am thrilled to begin 2017 working with those who are ready to declutter their homes and simplify their lives. My experience decluttering my own home has brought me such a sense of calm, and it’s something I want to be able to share with others.

January is all about new beginnings and hope. Life can be overwhelming. But I truly believe that less clutter in our home and work environments helps minimize the stress many of us feel. I consider it a privilege to work with those who feel decluttering is an impossible chore. Believe me, there’s hope—and I want to help.

So, here’s to a special new year, decluttering, less stress, and the magic of hope. Happy 2017!