What I Do

People ask me what I do. For those not familiar with the work of Marie Kondo, it can be hard to explain. It all comes down to this.

We live in times that can feel overwhelming. In addition to our own busy lives and endless to-do lists, our heads buzz with texts, tweets, news, fake news. There’s just too much stuff in our heads. Most of us want to clear the clutter going on within us, to simplify our lives, and to focus on what is really important to us.

I believe the best way to do that is to start at home, where we can deal with the tangible things that surround us. The first step in clearing our heads of clutter is eliminating the clutter in our living space—the things that overwhelm us, the things we don’t need or want, that get in our way, that make us feel badly about ourselves, that zap our energy and distract us from what is important.

That’s where I come in. I help you eliminate the clutter in your home. We meet, talk about your goals, discuss how to fine-tune the items that surround you. We develop a timeline and a personalized master plan. We work together as partners. We become a team with a clear goal. There is no judgment in this process, only the goal to simplify your life so that you can live a more satisfying, peaceful life.

That is what I do, and I consider it important work. A service and a privilege to help others remove the clutter so that they can live more meaningful lives. I’ve experienced this myself and I’ve seen it repeatedly with my clients. It works.