Downsizing Begins with Decluttering

Baby boomers are decluttering. And it feels good.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t overwhelming. Leaving a longtime family home and moving to a smaller space pose both emotional and practical problems. Just thinking about letting go of the items they’ve gathered over a lifetime can feel like giving up cherished memories.

According to a report in Reuters, 56% of those aged 50 to 59 and 62% of those 70 to 79 reported having more things than they needed. For these folks the problem isn’t denial, but rather, the extraordinary difficulty associated with giving up items that are so closely linked to their identities, their past and their memories. If you are or know a senior who is overwhelmed and physically incapable of downsizing, Declutter Pronto can help.

There are many resources to help seniors who are downsizing. An article from Forbes: Boomers Start Downsizing For Retirement may provide some helpful suggestions.