Decluttering is Easy

The key to decluttering is easy.

Drumroll, please.

You can live with less stuff. Really.

Already rolling your eyes?

That’s okay. Stay with me. I understand.

Listen, no matter how you decide to have fewer things in your life, it’s absolutely critical to the organizing process.

Most of my clients really want to declutter but get tangled up in overwhelming anxiety.
“What if I get rid of it now? I might want it next year.”
“All I’ll keep is what fits in that small closet?”
“Is it normal to have three dozen pairs of socks?”

At the beginning of the decluttering process, none of that matters. You can’t start organizing until you have fewer things. From my experience, less is more, and less makes you happier. I’ve seen first-hand that it’s true. And, it’s a relief.

It’s difficult to part with our things. I get it. I suggest to clients that they think about their relationship with stuff. Why are you having difficulty parting with it? When is the last time you used it? Can you imagine your life without it?

Often times there’s something meaningful going on with our associations to certain items. More than we consciously realize. When clients talk to me about such feelings, they just want to tell a stranger their story. And I listen. And they feel better. At that point, in most cases, they are ready to move on and donate or discard the item.

To me, that’s what decluttering is all about. Feeling better.

When you remove things from your life that you no longer want or need, you’ll feel better.

I guarantee it!