Matching Hangers

Matching hangers.

To me, it’s your prize at the end of the clothing category if you’re following the KonMari Method™ of tidying. You’ve earned it.

Matching hangers are overlooked as an important organizing perk. Rather than mismatched hangers taking away from the overall appearance of your newly organized closet, matching hangers present a cohesive look—you don’t even notice the hangers, only your newly chosen clothes.

There are many types of hangers from which to choose. I recommend:
• slim, velvety non-slip variety for hanging the majority of your clothing
• wooden hangers for coats
• padded hangers for silky, delicate clothing items

I realize I’m not the first professional organizer to point out this simple trick. Yet I think it is a fabulous visual enhancement to a closet and worth mentioning, again and again. For a small investment, it’s the final step in organizing your clothes.

Some tips when purchasing hangers:
• buy durable, heavyweight non-slip hangers
• choose hangers with hooks that swivel
• consider gray hangers—or a neutral color that goes well with all clothes
• look for hangers with a top space bar—there’s room to add a belt or favorite accessory

I’m not recommending a specific brand of hangers to purchase, but the Joy Mangano hangers crack me up. How could I not mention these? Every hanger is stamped with the word “joy.” Hmm. I wonder if Marie uses these.

Finish the clothing category of the KonMari Method then buy matching hangers. You deserve it. You earned it!